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Technology Preview Warning - GEMINI has not yet been released
 GEMINI Software
   The GEMINI Project consists of programs, WSDL Files, Web Services, APIs, and several computational services. This page describes these components in more detail. See the GEMINI Architecture Manual for a richer description.
  WSDL Files
    The WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) Files of the GEMINI Project define the fundamental abstractions and schema of the GEMINI Resources. See WSRF for a detailed description of the primary GEMINI Resource Types.
  GEMINI Command-line Tools
    There are several command-line tools available, including \verb'gemini-file', \verb'gemini-task', \verb'gemini-agent', and \verb'gemini-zone'. These tools are actually just programs written using the GEMINI API. They are intended as both source-code examples, as well as convenient means to access and manipulate GEMINI resources from within a shell script.
    The GEMINI API is a set of Java convenience class that ease the process of using the GEMINI Web Services from Java. The use of the GEMINI is completely optional for Java users; the standard Apache Axis Java language bindings can be used instead. However, most users will end up reinventing the same convenience functions that are present in the GEMINI API, so it is worth considering their use.