Neuroinformatics Center


The Neuroinformatics Center (NIC) is a research lab with the University of Oregon Department of Computer and Information Science. Its goal is to research the application of computer science and numerical computation to problems with brain modeling and imaging.

High performance computing plays a significant role in the research at the NIC. Our projects include the development of inverse models of the brain's electrical activity. This research is in support of the development of non-invasive EEG machines. We are also building fast signal decomposition and cleaning tools which are being used by scientists to help gather and interpret neurological data-sets.

We develop solutions with high performance computing in mind. We take advantage of the parallel computing power of our ICONIC grid, using a variety of technologies including Globus, MPI, and OpenMP. We are currently working with grid technologies to enable us to provide modular, high-performance computing resources to scientists world wide.

Visting the NIC? Here is some information about the Eugene Area Accommodations.